"Its not what you look at, its what you see."

           -Henry David Thoreau


John Abernathy

 I grew up watching my dad take pictures. Mostly of important events in our lives. We watched his slideshows after dinner. I can still smell the projector.

 I was given a camera and took a photography class in high school. This changed everything. A new way of experiencing the world emerged. Something that drove me, from the inside, to connect my heart with the physical world through the way I see, my vision. In Henry David Thoreau's words, "Its not what you look at, its what you see."

 Now I strive to fulfill this passion while building outstanding image libraries for my clients to better serve their business image and marketing needs.

Your vision is our focus.

Commercial Clients

Target // Cargill // Tory Burch // Gensler // Aveda // Hilton // Expedia // Best Buy // Sony // Home Depot // Living Social // La-Z-Boy // Andersen Windows // Gander Mountain // Fairview University // Ameriprise // United Way // Marriot // Volkswagen...

Editorial Clients

Inc // Fortune // NY Times // Better Homes and Gardens // Washingtonian // NEED // MN Monthly...

What they are saying...

Thank you so much John! Everything looks great.
— Tory Burch
Got em John, the images look great! Your lighting and attention to detail make all the difference.
— Supervox

The photos are beautiful. I am very happy with the shots, Thanks John!
— Gensler/MACP Project

The photos are fantastic!!! Thank you so much!! We Won 3rd runner up in the Salon of the Year Contest with Salon Today and Modern Salon.
— Aveda

We received the images and they look great! One of the partners liked them so much that she immediately forwarded them to a potential client that she’s be interviewing in San Diego. -Whoo hoo for good pictures!!!
— BBG-BBGM New York for Marriott Toronto

Your photographs are beautiful...

The photo’s turned out great! Thank you for all of your hard work and professionalism, you and your team did a wonderful job working within the constraints of a challenging environment.
— Chandler Inc for Home Depot

On the road...


  • I was escorted out of a remote location in the Copper Canyon, Mexico by a drug dealer holding an assault rifle. I never took his picture. I swear!
  • After photographing from a bridge, in then Yugoslavia, we drove away and saw over 50 anxious armed military guys in the hills looking at us from behind tiny bushes. They were waiting for somebody. Glad it wasn't me.
  • I photographed a native fisherman in Russia, afterwards I ate dinner in his home. His wife stood behind him with a big smile as I moaned and told her how good it was.
  • While changing money on the streets of Poland, totally aware of the risks, I was completely robbed right before my eyes.
  • I used to live in California and 'chose' to move back to Minnesota with its sub-zero temps.
  • Every time I walked by room 203 in a remote Siberian hotel, they 'forced' me to come in and "drink vodka for friendship".
  • A Parisian spit on me. Was it something I said?
  • I actually have ran towards fires, swam with sharks and jumped off bridges. Just to deepen the experience.
  • I've been on trains, planes, automobiles, tuk tuks, helicopters, gondolas, snow shoes, and all day hikes just to get a shot, sometimes for money, always for love!