Why Us

Its not what you look at, its what you see.
— Henry David Thoreau

67% of online consumers consider clear, detailed photos to be more important than product information or even customer ratings.
— MDG Advertising

Good photography is essential - don’t skimp on this and we’d advise you hire a professional if possible.
— Shopify

Our philosophies on why you should hire us!

The Focus.
We specialize in some of the same industries as you. Using an architectural photographer is a crucial role that is often overlooked but incredibly important to your company’s brand in this media savvy world. We strive to represent your vision by using the best photography techniques. Your vision is our focus.


The Filter.
First impressions matter… Your prospects evaluate your work through the photos on your website. Your photographer is the filter your prospect sees you through. Dark photos, bad angles and messy environments distract from the quality of your work. We choose lenses and camera angles to put emphasis on your project making it stand out. We light it to bring out detail, guide the eyes and make it inviting. With attention to detail, and years of experience we strive to deliver images that represent your work at its best.

The Investment.
We consider ourselves an investment and a marketing partner. Our focus, is using photography to increase the quality and consistency in the way your work is represented. When your work is not represented well, you don’t look as good. We are an investment that pays by removing the visual roadblocks to your work resulting in increased sales.

What they say about us.

Thank you so much John! Everything looks great.
— Tory Burch
Your photographs are beautiful...

We received the images and they look great! One of the partners liked them so much that she immediately forwarded them to a potential client that she’s been interviewing in San Diego. -Whoo hoo for good pictures!!!
— BBG-BBGM New York for Marriott Toronto

Got em John, the images look great! Your lighting and attention to detail make all the difference.
— Supervox
The photos are fantastic!!! Thank you so much!! We Won 3rd runner up in the Salon of the Year Contest with Salon Today and Modern Salon.
— Aveda

The photo’s turned out great! Thank you for all of your hard work and professionalism, you and your team did a wonderful job working within the constraints of a challenging environment.
— Chandler Inc for Home Depot